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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the things I need to participate in your training?

As a remote-first company, you need access to a computer (desktop or a personal computer). You’ll need an internet connection, a functioning email address and a phone.

Do you do job placements?

We do not guarantee jobs. However, we help you improve your skills, improve your CV, connect you with industry experts to give you feedback on your CV, and provide continuous development training always to help you grow.

What will I get after completing the training?

Access our support system, where we send out job opportunities and other relevant information. Access our talent showcase, where we announce you, your skills, and your projects. Certificate of completion or participation depending on how far in the training you go. You will have lifetime access to any content you work with during the training and access to our continuous development training and reference letters when needed.

Is your certificate recognised globally?

What we offer is a certificate of participation and/or certificate of completion. Our certificate shows that you have completed the training we offer in your chosen track. Our certificate will be accepted anywhere in the world. However, please note that this certificate does not make you a certified software engineer or a product designer. It is merely an indication that you participated in or completed our training.

Do you have a requirement document?

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No, we don't have any document to upload

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Note: If you have a Job requirement document to upload, that's alll we'll need from you at the moment... any further questions will be communicated when they arise. If you don't have a document to upload, you'll be provided fields of questions to answer... These questions will help us better understand your company and the kinds of Talent you're looking for.